What is a Leader

We have all experienced the joy and profound gift of Cursillo. For many, it has changed lives and allowed witness to the loving embrace of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For most, it has given us a community unlike any we’ve known before. For all, it has opened a door to a profound understanding of Jesus Christ and what he is calling each of us to do.

We’ve laughed and cried with our brothers and sisters in Christ and made lifelong friends with sharing, serving and loving relationships. And many of us have given this gift to others by making a friend, being a friend and bringing that friend to Christ.

All these experiences and influences that we’ve had on others make us ‘leaders’ by example. This is a leader in the context of Cursillo.

What is a School of Leaders?

The School of Leaders is a gathering of Cursillistas from around the diocese.
The format is different from the Ultreya with its focus on deepening the Cursillista’s understanding of the Cursillo Movement and Cursillo Method. It is not a ‘school’ in the usual sense and there are no teachers but rather it is primarily a group of friends learning from each other and attempting to be of ‘one mind’—one ‘school of thought’. It is a venue for study of the charism of Cursillo – the heart and soul of Cursillo.


Anyone who has made their Cursillo and wishes to become more involved or would like to someday be part of a weekend team is strongly urged to attend the School of Leaders. Not only is the knowledge gained very important but it also gives you the opportunity to meet others in the Diocese with whom you may one day be a team member.


The Vision of the School of Leaders is to have an authentic and fully effective Cursillo movement served by a group of leaders who facilitate the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ through use of the Cursillo method.

“Cursillo’s de Cristiandad! Christ, the Church, the Pope, are counting on you!”

The Holy Father, Pope Paul VI gave his approval to the Cursillo Movement appointing St. Paul as the official Patron and Protector of the Cursillo Movement.  On that occasion he said in part: “This method of Christian teaching commonly called Cursillos in Christianity extends already over a great number of the faithful and has produced abundant fruit:

·         Christian renewal of the family life;

·         Vitalization of parishes;

·         Faithful observance of duties in private as well as public life.

All this has filled with the greatest satisfaction the Bishops and the other shepherds of souls.”

In Rome in 1966, Pope Paul VI had the opportunity to address the Cursillo Movement. Among his words of encouragement were the following: “Cursillo’s de Cristiandad, that is the word, purified through experience, affirmed by its fruits, that today travels with citizenship papers throughout the world…

“Whether some methods become obsolete, whether new manifestations of the Spirit arise, the permanent task of the layman will continue to be the infusion of Christianity into life through the encounter and personal friendship with God and in communion with his brothers. The layman, upon forming himself in Christianity, reforms his mentality and conforms his life to Christ’s image by means of faith, hope and charity; acting with complete responsibility he transforms the temporal structures in which he is immersed, guided in his action by the glance of Christ he continually tries to remake the world according to God’s plan and design….

“We know that in your plan of spirituality and apostolate in the Cursillo Movement the ‘Sensus Ecclesiae’ (mind of the Church) is the guiding light that orients you…

“Beloved sons and daughters: Our soul is so oppressed by the vision of the evils which afflict the Church and mankind. But permit us to express our overwhelming joy that, at this moment, floods our soul before the immense chorus of your manly faith in Christ, your fidelity to the Church, your fervent loyalty to this Chair of Peter and to the ministry of the episcopal hierarchy. “Cursillo’s de Cristiandad! Christ, the Church, the Pope, are counting on you!”