Weekend Information

What is a Cursillo?

Cursillo is a short course in Christianity and is of value to anyone who has the desire to learn more about Christianity and to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The weekend is an introduction to a method of living your faith in the world around you and offers several means to live this out daily. A candidate for a Cursillo weekend is sponsored by a Cursillista (someone who has made a Cursillo). The sponsor should be someone who is familiar with the candidate, is journeying with them in their faith and intends to continue to journey together with the candidate after the weekend. During the weekend, participants share in the daily celebration of Eucharist, which is a central part of the Cursillo experience. In the Eucharist (the Mass) we express our belief in the real presence of Christ which is the source and summit of the Church’s life, a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to the Father (CCC 1358, 1407)

What happens on a Cursillo Weekend?

The Cursillo begins on a Thursday evening with a short introduction and orientation and then the retreat phase begins. The weekend also includes a daily celebration of the Mass and times of prayer.  A good part of each day is spent listening to talks followed by group discussion. There are three meals daily. The weekend ends late Sunday afternoon. No one is too well informed or too spiritual to make a Cursillo.  There are priests, deacons and religious who make their Cursillo as well as lay teachers of the faith. There are people who know very little and those who know a great deal. Cursillo could be for you.

Where are Cursillo Weekends held?

Our next Women’s Cursillo Weekend will be held at:
Centre de l’Amour
220 Route 21
Plantagenet, Ontario
K0B 1L0

When are Cursillo Weekends?

Women’s Weekend April 27th – 30th, 2023
Men’s Weekend  TBD
Where is the Central Ultreya?


Thinking of sponsoring someone?

It is a gift to be instrumental in inviting someone to experience Christ’s love and presence through Cursillo. You know how your weekend affected you. Cursillo has given thousands of people the opportunity to find the inspiration, direction, and support needed in their daily walk with Christ.

What greater gift could we give a friend?

Sponsorship is a both blessing and a calling. Offering to sponsor a friend is much more than signing an application, it is agreeing to support them in a variety of ways before, during and after their weekend.

You Have a Potential Candidate

Share your Weekend experience with your potential candidate. Tell them how it has affected your life and your relationship with God. Your witness and encouragement will be an integral part of their decision. Your friend will get the most from their weekend if they are open to a closer relationship with God. Are they active in Church? Would they be likely to follow through on a Fourth Day commitment? Do they demonstrate a love of God, family, and a concern for others? Pray for them and invite them to pray about it too to better discern if God is calling them to this weekend at this time in their life.

Your Candidate is Making a Weekend

  • Pray for your friend and all those on the Weekend. Palanca indicators may be sent through the Outside Detail contacts or dropped off at the Send Off Ultreya
  • Attend the Send Off Ultreya
  • Provide transportation to the Retreat House. Arrive with your candidate between 7-7:30 on Thursday night and enter through the front doors
  • If possible, attend the Mananitia at 6 a.m.
  • Attend the Closing on Sunday at 3:30. The ride home offers a further opportunity to share impressions of the Weekend.


After the Weekend

  • Encourage the new Cursillista to attend the Welcome Back Ultreya with you
  • Introduce him/her at your local/Central Ultreyas
  • Encourage him/her to participate in Ultreyas and Group Reunion
  • Suggest he/she fill out a Become Involved Form



A fee of $280 is payable in cash or cheque. The Ottawa Cursillo Movement does not accept credit cards or e-transfers.


Weekends are limited to 30 candidates. If the number of applications exceeds that the following priorities are applied:

Priority within each group is based on the date of receipt of the application.

Cursillo Weekends

2022 / 2023

Women’s Weekend

April 27th – 30th, 2023


Men’s Weekend

If you have completed your Cursillo Weekend and would like to volunteer as a Team Member for a Cursillo Weekend, please fill out the following application: