What is an Ultreya?

The Ultreya is a ‘gathering of the groups’. Simply put, it is a gathering of all cursillistas (those who have made a Cursillo) in the community.

Generally the ultreya begins with an opening prayer and welcome. Then everyone breaks up into smaller discussion groups of about 4 or 5 to share what they have been living on their faith journey during the past week or so. We gather again in the larger group to listen to a short witness talk followed by a few affirmations. Finally we end with a closing prayer and prayers of petitions. Ultreyas last about an hour. The main (diocesan-wide) weekly ultreya is held on Wednesdays beginning at 7pm at Our Lady of Fatima Church, 153 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa. There are also several regional or parish ultreyas which meet monthly. See the listing below.

Ottawa and Area Ultreyas

The Ultreya, together with Group Reunion, make up the Cursillo Method, unique to Cursillo, and help Cursillistas to persevere on their ‘Fourth Day’ pilgrimage. The Ultreya is a meeting place for Christians who share a common experience and goal. The Ultreya is where we renew friendships and where we are inspired by the ‘story’ of a fellow pilgrim whose testimony is supported by others. It can also be the place to start a new Group Reunion for those seeking “companions on the journey”. Ultreyas can be weekly or monthly—whatever meets the needs of the Cursillo community. Sometimes called ‘the gathering of the groups’, ultreyas are a great place to receive (and give) support, especially for those not yet in a group or between groups. An ultreya has three basic parts; meeting and sharing in floating group reunions, listening to a witness (Fourth Day) talk and the responses, and praying together with community intentions.

‘Ultreya’ means ‘onward’ or ‘keep on going’. Come whenever you can to a gathering in friendship where you will be encouraged on your pilgrimage. See the list below.

Ottawa Area Ultreyas

Parish & Location                                Day                              Mass/Liturgy                Ultreya                         Contact
Central Our Lady of Fatima            Wednesdays                7:00 pm                        7:30 pm        Bernie Reilander           
153 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa 
St. John the Apostle                        1st Saturday                  9:00 am                        9:30 am        Patricia O’Regan          2340 Baseline Rd., Ottawa                                                                                                               613-820-4061
St. Mary                                               4th Monday                  —                                 7:30 pm        Iris Callaghan-Boles      28  Hawthorn St., Carleton Pl. 
St. Elizabeth                                        3rd Saturday                  9:00 am                        9:30 am      Paul & Marlene Pignat 1303 Leaside Ave., Ottawa                                                                                                                613-728-2529
Holy Cross                                           2nd Saturday                 9:00am                         9:30 am       Jean Bélanger
685 Walkley Rd., Ottawa                                                                                                                     613-241-6876
Holy Redeemer                                     Last Monday                                                     7:30 pm        Marc Belanger 
44 Rothesay, Kanata                                                                                                                             613-836-2874
                                                                                                                                                               Fitzi Grant